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Elegance is In

Anyone else out there get an almost nostalgic feeling when watching old movies, or even a few of my personal favs- My Fair Lady, Princess Diaries or PS I Love You- for when people actually took time to get dressed in the morning? No? Just me…well, I’m going to blog about it anyway. Since, ya know, this is my little blog. If I can’t try to find like-minded people on the internet I don’t know where the heck I’ll ever find them!

Okay, let me try to explain my rambling mind.

I’ve worked retail for too many years at this point so I’ve seen it all, including the dreaded pajama pants in the store. That one might just be me, but I mean come on. That being said, when I see someone of any age or any sex, dressed nice I kind of swoon.

And I’m not talking dressed for dinner or a swanky party on the Upper East Side nice. I just mean that the person took an extra 5 minutes that morning to put some sort of outfit together that makes them look put together. Guys, even you can do this. I can almost guarantee it’ll earn you some smiles. And no, not only feminine or gay men dress nice. You don’t even have to be Prince William to get away with it. But I mean, if you are….


Haven’t you ever noticed that when you dress nicely or in an outfit that you just absolutely love, you feel more empowered? Stronger and more confident? It’s not a fluke. We’ve all heard the phrase “dress for success” or “dress for the job you want”, and although that does hold merit (and has been proven to work) it can also be a huge boost to even the worst mood.

I kind of like to think of this as the epitome of “fake it ‘till you make it”. You could be totally broke with only a few bucks in your bank account (been there, loves), but if you show up to a friend’s house for dinner in a nice top, cute jeans, and some rock star shoes, no one will ever suspect a thing.

Respect is something I feel is lacking so much in society these days, especially the respect people have for themselves. Just by choosing to cover your body in a nice outfit exudes respect for not only yourself but those around you too.


“Dressing well is form of good manners”- Tom Ford


Please, please don’t be that person in pajama bottoms grocery shopping. Leggings with a slouchy sweater and killer boots? Just as comfy. I promise.


Anyone else ever feel this way? I can totally accept if it is just me, but I’m kind of thinking it’s not.

Interested in a few of my most inspirational and classy ladies? Hop over to my Pinterest board I created a few years back, just for that reason.



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