Favorite Fall Binge

If you’re anything like me, Netflix and/or Hulu occupy a rather large amount of your time spent at home. I’m one of those people who just needs to have some noise on in the background, even if I’m sitting on my laptop working away.

I’ve been a Netflix only household for almost 5 years now, only adding Hulu (holy game changer, Batman!) to the mix about a year ago. So chances are, I’m not up-to-date on all of the favorite shows atm. Game of Thrones anyone? Yeah, I’m a good 3 seasons behind. But hey, I’ve got 2 years to catch up.

Fall speaks of new beginnings and chances for me, it always has. The other thing it always makes me think of? Halloween.

Yes, yes I am being that person who is oh-so-ready for Halloween and it’s only September. I may or may not have already caved and put up a few Halloween decorations.


So what is in my queue when all I want to do is hit up every Haunted House in the area?


Sleepy Hollow

I know, I know. You’re probably sitting there like “What? Sarah. That’s not even scary” and you’re totally right. But unless I’m out with a bunch of friends, I don’t do horror. Call it an overactive imagination, but I wouldn’t sleep if I watched true horror films.

That being said, I’m freaking loving this show! An example of how behind on the times I am, I only just started watching this show a few weeks ago. I’m almost done season 3. Kind of sad there is only 4. Anyone else out there can’t get enough of Ichabod Crane? Yeah, me either.

The show is full of legend (which I geek out over) and just enough spook to satisfy my Halloween urges.


Ghost Adventures

An oldy but a goody, I’ve watched this show for literally years and can’t even remember what fall was like without it. I miss Ghost Hunters so freaking much, I just wish they would get added to Amazon video, Netflix, or Hulu. ANYTHING. I’m not picky…

Remember that overactive imagination? Yeah, I don’t even watch this show late at night. Silly, I know, but at least I’m honest?

There are polarizing opinions about this show, and I’ll even admit that I didn’t watch it for a time and only watched Ghost Hunters. But since it’s the only good ghost tv on Hulu (or Netflix for that matter), I’ll keep it in my queue. Sadly there are only 2 seasons available and I’ve already watched a few episodes twice when I just need a little ghost fix. Maybe more will get added?? We can only hope.

Grim is also a good show for this time of year! I’ve only seen a few episodes, but it’ll be next after I finish up Sleepy Hollow. I’ve also been trying to catch up on Project Runway, but that’s a show for another time.

What are some of your favorite binge-worthy shows? Let me know below or hit me up on social media, I’d love to geek out about tv shows with you!



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