Easy Fall Decor

Anyone else out there drool over the new decor lines at Jo-Ann Fabrics or Michael’s when they arrive in store in late August? Walking into either of those stores to see brightly colored leaves and pumpkins is an instant mood booster.

One day I will be one of those crazy houses that is decked out from roof to mailbox with fall and then Halloween and then Christmas decorations. But until then, I may have found the easiest way to spruce up your decorating game (or should I say spook up?).

I’m talking pillowcases folks. And the best thing is, you don’t even need to be sewing machine savvy (or own one) to make this work. Hand sewing may take a bit longer but it is just as easy as using a machine.

I got my pillow inserts from Jo Ann’s, one is 16×16 and one is 14×14. Not a huge size difference but it’s just enough to give a layered look. The photo below shows the ones I made for my bedroom.


When I buy the fabric, I usually just tell the cutting counter employee that they’re for square pillowcases with the sizes I mentioned above. Or even better, grab the pillow inserts to show her. Personally, I find this the easiest way to make sure you’ll get enough fabric, without having to know the numbers off the top of your head.



Once home, lay the fabric out on a large surface so you can measure out how much fabric you need to cut off. I’ve been doing half an inch extra on each side- so for the 16×16 pillow, I cut my fabric so there is 17×17. It creates a nice snug fit but not so tight that you can’t get the pillow in.


Now here is where I do the easiest thing possible and not make life harder on myself (I do like a challenge…just sometimes). I just create a flap in the middle of the pillow that covers the hole where the pillow can be inserted. Buttons would make this look more decorative but I haven’t tried the challenge of buttonholes just yet.


After you have it all measured, turn the fabric upside down (inside out) so the back of it is up. Then pin it how you will want to sew it. You should only have 2 sides that need to be sewn together, the other two have folds.


Once you’ve sewed the sides shut, turn the pillowcase right side out again and pop out the corners. Stuff the pillow through the opening and voila! You just made an adorable accent pillow.

If you can’t tell by the pictures above, I kind of messed up the placement of the flap in the Halloween pillow cover. I was so focused on making sure the pattern had a centered “Happy Halloween” that I put the flap at the bottom of the pillow…but it still looks great and once you place it on the couch or bed, no one is the wiser.

I can’t wait to go Christmas shopping fabric, but let’s not think about that just yet. Then I’ll just want to decorate everything in tinsel and lights.

It really is the best time of year once September hits, at least to this girl!



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