Women in Film

Hey loves, how are all of you doing today? I actually got to go see a movie on a Saturday night recently, for the first time in months! Is that what normal people feel like? Being able to have fun on the weekends? I’ve forgotten.

I was so excited to actually be able to go hang out with friends on a Saturday night and yet then I found myself sitting in front of my laptop in bed writing to all of you. Why you ask?

Women in film. That’s why.

You know, I can remember days when I just went to the movies and never thought once about the female roles and what they may or may not have entailed. No thought of lesser roles or stereotypes ever crossed my mind. I blame my higher education.

But I also praise my higher education for changing my mind in the best ways.

You’re all probably thinking I just saw a movie that has half-naked women and sex galore. Although the movie had some of this, as every action movie these days does, what irritated me this time occurred in the first 30 minutes.


The sole female action role, where the woman wasn’t just sitting behind a desk or wearing a lab coat, was killed in the beginning of the movie. Seeing no battle action whatsoever.

Remember again how I said a few years ago I never would’ve thought about this? Yeah.

Why does it seem to be impossible for action movies to have strong female roles? Or, dare I say it, a leading role?

I can hear people screaming at me through my screen. I know, there are some out there, but not a lot of good ones. And not a lot of ones that don’t end up being saved by someone, usually the leading male role.

Feminist is such a four letter word these days that I still struggle with calling myself one. But I am. And if the only reason why I ever realized that was because of the unfair allotment of roles in movies, so be it.


And now I need to go watch Wonder Woman to remind myself that kick-ass action roles DO exist for women.

Hit me up on Twitter if you feel the same way I do and want to discuss.



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