Fall Staples

Fall is my most favorite season and I wait for it all year long. In my perfect world, it would last for a lot longer than it does. Magic happens when the leaves start to change colors, I always feel like I’ve been transported into a book.

This time of year is also my favorite for another reason- style! Give me all of the booties, sweaters, scarves, and leggings.

That being said, here are my top 5 fall staples that I pretty much literally *live* in until spring. Or, ya know, until it’s so cold outside that I’m under 5 blankets and a cat *shrug*.

#1 Booties


#2 Blanket Scarf


#3 Army Jacket


#4 Tall Boots


#5 Leggings. All of the freaking leggings!!



Can I get an amen on leggings in every pattern and color? Bonus points for a festive print. I seriously live in these things when I’m not at work. I used to be one of those college students who hated girls wearing leggings as pants aaaaaand now here I am- under one condition! My top ab-so-lutely has to cover my butt. Another amen for tunic tops.

What are some of your favorite fall staples? Hop over to my Pinterest to see what outfit ideas make me get heart eyes.




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