For a bad day

This is for anyone out there who might be having a bad day, for someone whose confidence is down, or for someone who just needs to be reminded that they are special. I wrote this for myself as much as anyone else reading this because if we’re all being honest, sometimes you just need a few reminders.

You have a strong and loving heart.

You’re smart.

You deserve to be respected.

Your life is yours alone, don’t let someone else’s idea of happiness change yours.

You’re worth it. Whatever it is. You’re worth that chance at a dream job. You’re worth feeling loved. You’re worth that new pair of boots or that new book that you don’t really need.


You are beautiful in every way.

You are talented.

You are creative.

You are passionate.

You will succeed in your life even if it doesn’t seem like that now. Look back at yourself 5, 10, 20 years. How much have you already accomplished? Now think about how much more you still will.

You’re brave.

You have an adventurous spirit, even if it’s only for trying a new book to see where it takes you. Having an adventure doesn’t always include jumping out of planes or hiking through mountains.

You are special.


You, are you. Embrace everything about yourself. Your flaws and your strengths all add up to create the beautiful and remarkable person that you are and no one else it like you. Own that.



*Images from Pixabay

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