Are You Novel Ready?

Hello loves and welcome to another Writing Wednesday! Sorry for yelling at you a bit there but I am really so excited to share these two books with you!

As I was exploring the NaNoWriMo website a couple of weeks ago, I decided to look at the Shop and see if there was anything that I may want to get. Ya know, to commemorate the experience and all. Instead, I found two books that I decided would be a better investment for my wallet and possibly (read: hopefully) make this whole writing a novel in 30 days just a *bit* easier.


The first book, “No Plot? No Problem!” is full of helpful advice and tips to get through writing that novel in a month. I haven’t even gotten a quarter of the way through with it yet but I’ve already got some good tools under my belt!

For example, for all of those people out there thinking “I don’t have time to write a novel!” there is a helpful little tip the author calls the Time Finder. For a few days or a week, take a piece of paper and write down everything you do all day (time stamp included). Once you can really see where you are wasting time- ya know, those hours you find yourself just sitting somewhere glued to your phone?- you can see that you actually DO have time to write that novel.

It is super easy to read, has a very I’m-talking-to-a-friend vibe to it and I love that in a help book. I’m sure we’ve all read enough textbooks to last a few lifetimes, am I right?


The next book, which has really been so fun and the one I was most excited for, is “Ready, set, Novel!” Think workbook but also a helpful little guide to get those creative juices flowing.

It’s full of little challenges and games to get your brain working on your story or to get your brain off life and work and into a more free place.

The pages that made me most excited to fill out though, are the character profiles. There was just something incredibly humbling and yet exhilarating to see my characters on a paper like that. Sure I have all sorts of stuff written about my MC’s in a notebook, but this just felt…real.

November is getting closer every day and before I know it, it’s going to be time to start putting all of the little ideas I have to pen and paper (or keyboard and GoogleDoc).

But Sarah, how are you really preparing, you ask? Well loves, by trying to sneak in as much Netflix in as possible before November…see, these books were a good thing.



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