Apple Orchard Days

IMG_8233 (2)

I found an apple orchard! Well, my mom found it actually- thanks to her hairstylist for telling here about it!

Although there weren’t very many apples left on the trees, I still got to see some giant apples still on their tree.


We’re having this weird heat wave this week, so by the time I took these photos I was about melting. Don’t you just love those fall days that are cold in the morning and by noon you’re sweating those boots off? -please note the sarcasm.

IMG_8245 (2)

The farm we went to had a bunch of fun things for kids to do, including a little woodland path that we just had to take a walk through. How cute is this little fairy door? There were multiple little houses and doors scattered through the path, it was so precious.


I’ve got a confession to make guys, this sweater? It may be the softest and most comfortable sweater I have ever worn. And the best part? It was $19. It’s not the thickest knit but with a cami underneath, it’s perfect.

And on a weirdly warm day like today, the cami may have even been a bit much.

IMG_8239 (2)

Sweater: $19, Walmart

Vest: $20, Amazon- Miss Moly

Scarf: Maybe $12, Payless. I’ve had it for years.

Boots: Fall clearance at Payless 2 years ago! Used to have a black pair but they finally died. These ones are still kicking.



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