Excuses, Excuses



We all have them and I know we all use them way more than we probably should. They vary from being small tiny excuses to get you out of something you don’t really want to do, to big excuses that could change life-long dreams into just thoughts.

But I think, for me personally, the biggest excuse I use probably the most often is the “I’ll do it later [or when]…” excuse.

I totally get it loves, sometimes those big dreams you have can be so scary that it’s easier to push them off for that “perfect” time. But I’ve got a secret for you- that perfect time will never come.

IMG_8245 (2)

Stop using excuses as to why you can’t write that novel, why you can’t backpack across Europe, or why you can’t quit one job and get another one.

Life happens when you stop using those excuses and start pushing yourself.

Dreams can become reality. You’re the only person holding them back.

So what’s the biggest excuse that you find yourself using these days, love? Whatever it is, write it down and plaster it to every mirror in your house. Then every time you see it, remind yourself of what you’re pushing off.

Life is never easy, I’m sure we’ve all figured that out by now. But what I’ve recently discovered is that making it “harder” doesn’t change much. When you stop using those excuses, life becomes more alive and vibrant. You realize suddenly how unhappy you really were when you take the time to finally do something you’ve always wanted to do.

So happy Friday loves! Now go out there this weekend and kick some excuses in the ass and do something you’ve always wanted to do.



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