Easy Holiday Dress

Hello loves, and happy Monday! I hope this gorgeous November day is finding you well and happy.

If you’re anything like me, the minute Halloween is over you’re putting on Christmas music. Some people say it’s too early, but I always say “so what!?” Why do we put a timeline on the most magical time of the year?? And plus, when you live in central Minnesota and it snows four inches the first few days of November, it instantly feels like Christmas time!

No, I haven’t put up any Christmas decorations. Yet. But NaNoWriMo has been keeping me pretty busy, so that’s honestly probably the only reason.

That being said, I bought this dress back in August and have been waiting (very impatiently I might add) to wear it. The first good snowfall of the season felt like the perfect time!

IMG_8299 (2)

I’ve been loving this plum color this season, as you can guess if you saw this post a couple weeks ago. I’m also all about being comfy and cute at the same time. When I actually do have days off, the last thing I want to do is put jeans on again. So leggings and tunics are my go-to.

IMG_8296 (2)

This R&B empire waist tunic dress was on Zulily for $15! They come in multiple patterns and colors. I may have to get myself another one in a different pattern because it is so comfy and adorable. If you’re going to a friend’s for a little holiday get together or even an office party, it’s just the right amount of festive without screaming Santa’s little helper.

I plan to wear this dress often between now and Christmas, and then probably until spring comes if I’m being honest. What can I say, I love a cute animal print.



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