NaNoWriMo Update

Wow, holy wow, we’re into week three!!! How did this even happen??

I was totally fine with being into week three until I typed this post, now I suddenly feel like panicking. We only have 2 weeks left?! How is the end of the month coming on so quickly??

It’s not that I have a reason to freak out. According to me present word count (a whopping 38,000 some), I’m a good 6 days ahead of schedule. But still, that is so so easy to forget! I had so many days this last week that work and life just got in the way. One day, I only got a whole 652 words written (I’m cringing as I type). I about died inside but I just couldn’t get more written that day. It’s days off like this past Monday that I live for. Days where I can literally do nothing but write if I want. Or, ya know, if I don’t have errands to run or other “adult” like stuff to take care of.

This past Monday wasn’t as good as other days off, I only got around 4,000 words in. The tendonitis in my right arm is becoming a real problem, so that was just all I could manage. Who knew typing meant using so many muscles in your hand/arm!?

The other roadblock I hit this week was this- I’m fairly certain I’ve got two totally different stories going here! At first, I thought that my original plan of an urban fantasy/romance just sort of turned into a true fantasy novel, but now I’m kind of feeling like I just have two different ideas working there way out into one jumbled mess. But hey, that’s what December is for, right?? I can figure it out and edit it then, but for now…I’m just going to keep going with the original idea and sort it all out later. I’ve only got another 15,000 some words to go before I hit the big 50,000! I’m not planning on stopping my momentum now.

How are you guys doing this NaNo?? I’ve only gotten to take part in one virtual write in, work has been in the way every other time one was scheduled, but I’m trying to remind myself that I’m not alone in this adventure! So tell me how it’s going (or not going)! I wanna know!



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