5 Things I Never Leave Home Without

I’m sure we all have those things we can never leave the house without, right? I still believe this is the main reason why women tend to carry big purses because there are just too many things we have to take with us everywhere.

Here are my Top 5 things that I never leave home without and always make sure I have them in my purse or car!


Hydrate those lips people! I’m always amazed at how some people don’t carry chapstick on them at all times. Maybe my lips are just abnormally dry, but I have a chapstick in my pocket and purse always.

Hair binder

Anyone who has long hair like I do, this is as important as remembering to grab your car keys. I love having long hair and don’t have any plan to cut it anytime soon, but having a way to tye my hair back if it’s windy (like most days in Minnesota) is a must!


I have a little bag in my purse that is just for lip products and my essential oil roller. Although I don’t wear lipstick on most days, since I work almost every day, I always have it in my purse. You never know when you’ll suddenly want to wear a colored lip!

My Phone

This is probably a duh, but it was necessary to include in this list. From my WordPress app, so I can blog wherever I am, to my photos and text messages, I never go anywhere without my phone. I’m sure this is no surprise in this day and age!



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