Festive Pajamas

Everyone stop what you’re doing and get to Target immediately. I have found the comfiest, most adorable, and plaid pj’s in the world.


I’ve needed new pajamas for a while now and I wanted to find a pair of classic two piece pj’s, but I never found any that I loved enough to spend $20-$30 on. But then I found these babies. If you guys haven’t guessed, I kind of have a deep love for all things plaid. Make it a red plaid and I’m going to be festive all winter long.


And yes, that is my own personal healthcare companion in the background there. Baymax for the win.

Target pj’s- $25, linked here

They come in all sizes too, which just makes my future dreams of having a family in matching pajamas that much closer. From tiny totes to your favorite man, everyone can feel festive in these beauties!

Now I’m off to finish knocking out the last 5,000 words of my NaNoWriMo novel and fill up that magical word count bar.



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