For Those Down Days

Remeber that post I wrote for all my single ladies (and guys) out there? It was meant to be a positive and uplifting post about the single life, and I hope it brought a smile to at least one face.

Well, here I am to write the other side of the story. After all, every good story has 2 sides, right?

It’s like that saying “you can only be strong for so long” type of deal. We all have those bad days (or maybe even weeks) where nothing seems fair and life just isn’t fun anymore. I get it, trust me. I’m there as I sit alone in my apartment and write this post.

Being single can be great, I highly recommend it for those who don’t feel like they know who they are or what they want from life. But sometimes? Being single sucks.

All of the nights alone in your apartment or house, watching whatever you may please on Netflix, eating whatever happens to be in the fridge, and taking over the whole bed at night can get old.

Because we all want to share our lives with someone. Life would be awfully boring if we didn’t share it with others. I mean I’m even one of the hundreds (if not thousands) of people who have decided to keep a blog to connect with others from all over the world.

Because sometimes being all alone just stinks, and there’s no better word to describe it.

It’s a part of our human nature to want to feel loved and cared for. Deep in our core, all we really want is to find that special someone who will spend their eternity with you, however short that eternity may be.

So sometimes, when suddenly nothing in life feels vibrant or alive, you need to take some time for yourself. Read that romance novel, watch that favorite movie of people falling in love, eat ice cream in bed, and remind yourself that one day- no matter how far away that day is- you will find that heart-stopping-butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of love. Even if, maybe today, it doesn’t feel like it I promise you, love, we’ll all get our happily-ever-afters someday.

I refuse to believe that it’s just for movies or books or for the newsfeed of my Facebook. Love exists everywhere. And one day, I’m going to find mine, and so will you.



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