Hello loves! My name is Sarah and welcome to my little slice of life, plastered up on the internet for everyone to see.

I hope life is treating you well and if it’s not, well, I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone. I totally get it girl (or guy). Life sure has a way of throwing curve balls when we least expect it, huh? But as someone who has learned the hard way, sometimes those curve balls teach us the greatest lessons about who we are.

My hope for Plaid & Bows is to create a space where people can come together and feel supported, loved, and inspired about life. I want people of all walks of life to know you are most certainly never alone. All of our lives may be very different but at the end of the day, we are all just trying to find our way, one lesson at a time.

Jump to any of the pages above and learn a little bit more about what makes me tick. Check out recipes I’ve been loving lately, everyday fashion with pieces under $50, and see how my prep for NaNoWriMo ’17 is going.


A little bit about me…

I reside in central Minnesota with my beautiful cat Tinker Bell, in a tiny apartment I’m still trying to make my own.


As an only child, you can bet I’m never very far from my wonderful and supportive parents, who are going on 29 years of marriage. Role models, I tell ya.


And of course  Rikki, the little blue heeler/Australian shepherd with a big bark.


Tea is most certainly my drink of choice. But coffee has been growing on me as of late. I’m working on finding the perfect DIY PS Syrup. I’ll keep you posted on that one.


I went to college in the beautiful city of Duluth and hope to one day soon relocate back to the “best outdoor city” in Minnesota.

Every Wednesday will be Writing Wednesdays around these parts as I am prepping to give NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) another shot. Writing a 50,000 word novel in 30 days? No big deal. Will I come out with my sanity? We shall see…


Please oh please, don’t hesitate to comment or shoot me a message on social media. I want Plaid & Bows to feel like a community of friends and hope you all do to.

Lots of Love xoxo